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"Sungrow Floating Manufactory base relays on Sungrow Group which has 22 years’ research and production experience of solar power industry and organizes a research and development group of floating system, which consists of several specialists and doctors. Sungrow Floating has more than 30 patents concerning floating body, matrix anchorage, inverter & booster floating platform and system operation and maintenance and takes the lead to set up a number of floating technology standards. The company adheres to the concept Innovation and Improvement, pursuing of excellence and devotes itself to be the supplier for Solar PV floating body and system with global leading technology."

Groenleven Website

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Trio Investment BV is a renewable energy investment company focusing mainly in the EMEA Region. Trio’ s expertise stem from the vast experience of its group companies and shareholders in the international project finance and energy sectors. Trio is currently working on a pipeline of projects in Europe amounting to over 550 mW. Working with top technical and legal advisors and EPC companies, Trio holds framework agreements with two major West European pension funds as institutional investors

BayWa r.e. Website

BayWa r.e. was founded in 2009 as a fully owned subsidiary of BayWa AG and houses the activities of the Group in the field of renewable energies: photovoltaic power, wind energy, biomass and geothermics. BayWa r.e. is now one of the strongest project developers and providers of PV systems in the world. The company is currently active in Germany, a number of European countries, the United States, Asia-Pacific and Africa.



SolarEdge Website

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ProFloating Website

100% Dutch innovation, floating solar panels with the ambition to accelerate the energy transition and reduce the plastic soup! Follow our journey around the world!

Eversheds Sutherland Website

Our specialist clean energy and sustainability team is one of the leading international teams and has been awarded Renewable Legal Advisors of the Year (Euromoney / Ernst & Young).
We advise on all aspects of all renewable and clean energy technologies across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, including: onshore and offshore wind, biomass, waste and landfill gas to energy, solar, wave and tidal, hydro generation, bio fuels, CDM projects, carbon credit trading.
We are leaders in advising on offshore wind: advising on over 50% of the UK’s offshore wind projects; lead advisers on the largest offshore wind project in the world; as well as leading on the financing of the world’s largest proposed biomass project, and a cross-border hydropower project in West Africa.
We understand the global renewable energy market and have lawyers throughout the key jurisdictions. We are represented on key committees and groups in the sector.

Ciel & Terre Website

The Floating Solar Expert Developer of the European industry-standard Hydrelio® system, Ciel & Terre® is a floating solar reference technology provider operating worldwide. Established in 2006 as a specialist in the integration of photovoltaic systems, the company has been fully devoted to floating solar panels market since 2011, positioning Ciel & Terre as the most experienced floating PV group. The company is constantly investing in R&D and offers its expertise to support floating PV projects' implementation, with the aim to respond intelligently to the growing energy needs around the world.

Huawei Website

Huawei is a leading global ICT and network energy solutions provider. Currently, Huawei network energy products and solutions are used in over 170 countries, serving one third of the world's population. Huawei continuously brings high-quality products and services based on its experience accumulated over the past three decades. As one of the top global 500 companies (ranked at 72th), and one of the top global brands (ranked at 68th by Interbrand), Huawei innovatively integrates digital information technology, Internet technology, and PV technology, combining with design concepts of Simple, Digital, and Smart O&M to promote an industry-leading FusionSolar Smart PV Solution. It greatly optimizes initial investments, reduces O&M costs, raises energy yield, and increases ROI of the PV plant. It has been widely deployed in various countries and regions and widely recognized by customers from China, Europe, Japan, America, India, Asia Pacific and MENA region. Based on reports released by global consultancies IHS Markit, Huawei was ranked No. 1 globally in inverter shipment for four consecutive years, 2015-2018.

For more information, please visit: solar.huawei.com and follow us @Huawei Fusionsolar at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube



Triodos Website

As an impact investor, Triodos Investment Management strives for an energy transition that goes hand in hand with a sustainable and inclusive society. Our goal is a radical transformation of our energy system. Besides replacing fossil-based energy generation with renewable energy, this requires a huge improvement in energy efficiency. It is equally important to improve the availability of and accessibility to clean and affordable energy, especially in emerging countries.

By the end of 2018, our renewable energy investment funds financed over 100 energy projects, contributing a generating capacity of 440 MW of clean electricity. During the year these projects avoided 450,000 tons of CO2 emissions, while generating power equivalent to the needs of 250,000 households.

Our funds
Triodos Groenfonds provides loans for renewable energy projects in The Netherlands and emerging markets. Triodos Renewables Europe Fund provides equity and subordinated debt to renewable energy projects in Europe.

Triodos Investment Management
Triodos Investment Management connects a broad range of investors who want to make their money work for lasting, positive change with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses doing just that. In doing so, we serve as a catalyst in sectors that are key in the transition to a world that is fairer, more sustainable and humane.

With our highly professional investment teams, we have built up in-depth knowledge throughout our 25 years of impact investing in sectors such as Energy & Climate, Inclusive Finance and Sustainable Food & Agriculture.



Mibet Energy Website

As one of the biggest manufacturers of floating solar systems, Mibet Energy is devoting itself to offer high-grade floating solar systems since 2014.

With its professional and international R&D team, Mibet Energy plays a leading role in developing the technology of floating solar system s with an anchoring system, floaters for cables, centralized-inverters and transformers. The system has evolved from the first generation to the latest fifth generation named G4N, which has been accredited by international standards certificates like NSF water quality test, TUV aging test and wind tunnel test. It adopts HDPE as the material for the floater and has an unique installation method between the front support and back support.
Mibet G4N floating system has captured the attention of the market and gained great reputation among the clients home and abroad, which paves the way to establish Mibet Energy as a trustworthy brand in the solar PV floating industry. In the future, Mibet Energy will continue to join hand in hand with clients to mark another milestone in the development of floating solar system.

With the Zim Float System, we offer a large-scale, east-west orientated floating photovoltaic (PV) system.

The system is completely integrated and includes inverter boats, gangways and maintenance walkways, cable ducts, and wave barriers. The ZIM Float is supported on ‘solar boats’ connected to each other to various sizes of the system. The combination of high-strength solid steel beams and high-density polyethylene floaters are the basis of a stable, durable, and scalable system. The steel beams are protected by a unique and environmentally-friendly corrosion protection coating.

The Zim Float System offers easy and fast installation, at low maintenance costs. The system is assembled on-site and only requires a small area of land.

Integrated cable routing ensures all cables are being protected from long-term water contact and direct sunlight. This ensures the best conditions for cable strings and connectors.

To date, we have supplied floating PV mounting structures for projects with a total capacity of over 10 megawatts (MW). By the end of 2019, we expect to have installed systems with a total capacity of around 50 MW.



Seaflex Website

At Seaflex, we have over three decades worth of experience selling the SEAFLEX mooring system to customers all over the world. We have finished over 1700 installations in over 85 countries. We completed our first Floating Solar project in 2011 in Canoe Brook, NJ USA.

SEAFLEX is the most modern and technologically advanced mooring system on the market today, providing secure moorings even under the worst weather conditions.

The moorings are self-regulating according to variations in water level. The hawsers slowly elongate and retract in a smooth, even movement. We have successful projects with 7 meter (23 feet) tidal fluctuation as well as 35 meter (115 feet) artificial variation. SEAFLEX flexibility ensures that the solar floats are stable and not exposed to unnecessary wear. SEAFLEX mooring systems can also handle any depth. They work just as well in shallow water as deep water. Seaflex also excels in handling extreme wind conditions. We have existing installations that have successfully endured typhoons with winds exceeding 42 m/s (94 MPH). Seaflex solutions include designs for bottom and side anchoring depending on the site specifications.

Due to the long lifespan, simplified inspection process and minimal need for maintenance, using SEAFLEX as your mooring system of choice can in many cases be the cheapest option over time.

Seaflex is also an environmentally friendly solution. Since the SEAFLEX mooring system is under constant tension, it does not sway and touch the seabed at all, minimizing any effect the system has on the surrounding environment compared with the traditional mooring methods still being used in many places around the world. Furthermore, SEAFLEX does not release other pollutants into marine ecosystems, which also helps limit any impact on the surroundings.



ENF Website

ENF is a fast-growing renewable energy information company. Which has the world’s most popular website for information about companies in the photovoltaic industry. We have two value-added core activities: industry directory – providing a PV company database with more than 48,700 PV companies; product directory – providing a PV product database with more than 71,500 PV products, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, cells, EVA and back sheet. All these make ENF a true PV industry resource, with each service expanding in as many as 9 languages.

Rethink Energy Website

Rethink Energy is designed to forecast the changing energy landscape and its investment possibilities as renewables begin to take over from conventional fossil fuels.

WoodMackenzie Website

Wood Mackenzie started life in 1923 as a small, relatively unknown, Edinburgh-based stockbroker. By the 1970s, we had become one of the top three stockbrokers in the UK, renowned for the quality of its equity research.
Our success has always been underpinned by the clear and simple principle of providing trusted research and advice that would make a difference to customers. This was true when the first oil report was published by our equity analysts in 1973, and remains just as relevant to us today.
So much so that, over the past four decades, we have drawn upon our heritage to create a global research and consultancy business that has grown alongside the needs of its customers.
Having cultivated deep expertise in upstream oil and gas, we carefully broadened our focus to deliver the same level of detailed insight for every interconnected sector of the energy, chemicals, metals and mining industries we now serve around the world.



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